Dates to Remember:

Fri, Apr. 14 - Flowers Out - Wreaths Off

Sun, Apr. 16 - Easter Sunday - Order Candles!

Thurs, May 25 - Mowing ALL GARDENS for Memorial Day Weekend
Order a Candle!
Sat, Aug.26 – 12th Annual Field of Flags Set-up
Volunteer 9 a.m. - Coffee, Cocoa & Donuts at 8:30


Decorating Procedures - Mowing Procedures

April 15 – November 1

Ten Commandments – Thursdays

Every Other Garden – Fridays

Memorial Day Weekend

Every Garden – Thursday

The mowing schedule for your lot is strictly followed. In hot or excessively wet weather when a weekly mowing is not beneficial for the lawns, we will wait until the next scheduled mowing day. Please call the office on Thursday or Friday morning to find out if a mowing has been canceled. When we do not mow, bouquets remain in their vases until the next mowing day.

Blessed are they that mourn
For they shall be comforted.

Matthew 5:4

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