A Garden Cemetery with Heart

Founded in 1954, Warren County Memorial Park is Warren County’s premier cemetery serving all of Warren County and surrounding areas.

Originally developed by George and Thelma Ferver with the intent of bringing the concept of “memorial park” to Western Pennsylvania. Development of the property started in the summer of 1954 which was briefly set-back due to the devastation of Hurricane Hazel – after which, grading and seeding needed to be redone.

Soon thereafter the Garden of Devotion, Administrative Building, and the Veteran’s circle were all completed and the cemetery took shape. Gardens of the Cross, Last Supper, and Ten Commandments would follow in order.

In 1976, the park became managed by Ruth (Ferver) and Ed Seebeck, at George’s request.

After George Ferver’s passing in 1981, the development of the Fountain Garden honoring the founders of the cemetery was designed and completed. The Seebecks would go on to develop the Emergency Service Memorial – which is home to a piece of the World Trade Center, and flies seven flags in remembrance of those who died on 9/11/2001, and in honor of all who serve as Warren County’s first responders.

Ruth and Ed also brought to life programs such as the 9/11 Field of Flags, Military Service Memorial, and the beloved “Cherished Hearts, Cherished Memories” care program to assist families in dealing with the grief of loss – which received international recognition for “excellence in personal service” to families. In 2022, following the untimely passing of Ruth, Ed made the decision to retire and market the property.

In August of 2022, Richard and Kathryn Winter became the new and current owners of Warren County Memorial Park, where they now reside on-site.

The Winters endeavor to continue and expand on the spirit of innovation and service that has permeated Warren County Memorial Park since its inception – honoring and seeking to continue to improve upon the legacy the Fervers and Seebecks have built there.

Our Park

Warren County Memorial Park differs from a traditional cemetery due to its “memorial park” concept. Instead of placing traditional competing stone monuments on each grave we utilize dignified sculpted bronze memorials on a concrete or stone base. This allows visitors to enjoy the natural beauty of the gardens without distraction.

The park was also designed with convenience in mind: we have an administrative building open during business hours for the public with full-time staff; extra-wide roadways, water hydrants, and trash receptacles which accommodate all areas.

Devotion was the first garden developed in 1954 for the opening of Warren County Memorial Park. Devotion features a large hand carved Bible with “The Lord’s Prayer”. This garden hosts flowering crabapple trees and a flagstone walkway.

Babyland was developed to serve those who experienced the unthinkable – the loss of a child. While nothing can prepare a parent for this type of loss, we designed the Garden – pergola entrance, statuary, and memorial plaque – to give families a peaceful place for remembrance and grieving.

This garden features a cross planter commemorating Christ’s last words, surrounded by plantings. Flowering Dogwoods symbolize Christ’s crucifixion, Sunburst Locusts trees represent His Resurrection, and evergreen boxwoods (in the shape of a cross) testifies to our promise of everlasting life.

The Last Supper features a flagstone walkway leading up to a large hand carved stone replica of Leonardo DaVinci’s painting of The Last Supper. The Crimson King maple trees in this garden reflect the color of Christ’s robe.

The central boulevard of this garden features 10 bronze bibles on pedestals, each denoting one of the Ten Commandments. Stately Oak, Spruce, Locust and flowering Pear trees provide all-season color and interest along with perennial and shrub beds for spring and summer color.

The Fountain Garden was developed in 1981 to provide options for families choosing cremation and to serve as a tribute to the founders of the park with a memorial bronze plaque of the 23rd Psalm. Mausoleum style cremation niches are positioned around the “Loving Doves” fountain piazza.

In 1954, to honor all Veterans and especially those of Warren County, the Veteran’s Circle was established. On September 11, 2007 the Military Service Memorial was added to the circle and dedicated to all those who so bravely and unselfishly have given themselves in the name of freedom and our county. Six flags, one for each branch of the military and all POW/MIA’s, surrounds the American Flag, and memorial walkways featuring memorial bricks are radiate from the center.

On September 11, 2006, the Emergency Service Memorial was dedicated to all those who serve in emergency service in Warren County. A piece of steel from the World Trade Center stands here flanked by 1/250 scale granite memorials of the World Trade Center Towers. Seven flags fly in remembrance of those who died on 9/11/2001, and in honor of all who serve as Warren County’s first responders.

Adjoining our Emergency Service Memorial is a lakeside pergola that overlooks the lake. Comfortable benches are located here for quiet reflection, or to view the ducks, fish, or many other types of local wildlife.

News & Notes

Fall / Winter 2023

Volume XXVI, Issue 2

We have been fortunate to have the support of so many of you during the transition of ownership; and its hard to believe that its already been a year!

Our Services

Service to families is more than words. For more than seventy years, we have provided exceptional care for those who choose Warren County Memorial Park as their eternal resting place. Our life-long philosophy is ‘be a blessing’.