Dates to Remember:

SUNDAY April 14
Easter Sunday
Order Candles!
Flowers Out -
Wreaths Off
 (Remember, it's our stand unless you specifically purchased one.)
Mowing all Gardens for
Memorial Day
Order a Candle!
SATURDAY August 28
14th Annual Field of Flags
Volunteer 9 a.m.
Coffee, Cocoa &
donuts at 8:30
See you here!


Decorating Procedures - Tips From Our Grounds Crew

Bouquet ‘Blocks’ – Wrapped and labeled hard Styrofoam blocks, sized to fit the vase, are available at the office for $2 each. Artificial bouquets should have their stems tied together and should be weighted (to prevent them blowing away). They should also be labeled with the Name and Garden location, BL, DV, CR, LS or TC. These blocks are the best way we’ve found to accomplish that. Single stems or bouquets that come apart are impossible to identify and are discarded.

Wreath Stands – We’ve found that pitch-fork stands are sturdier and much more wind-resistant than the tripod style. For those of you who use tripods, we suggest that you check your wreath several times through the winter, and especially after a winter storm, to make sure it hasn’t blown over. Also, please wire your wreath securely to the stand so it doesn’t blow off. Heavy-Duty 36″ – tall pitchfork-style stands are available for purchase at the office for $12.75 each, plus tax ($13.52).

Memorial Maintenance – We recommend regular memorial maintenance, depending upon the age and condition of your memorial. For specific care requirements for your memorial, contact our office. We can clean, wax, or refinish your memorial upon request. You can also order a new bordered base in natural, slate, or terracotta.

Wildlife Notice – We have a large deer herd that grazes through the Park. They love sampling any fresh flowers that you place on your lot. Deer are particularly fond of gladioli, but will eat almost anything that is available when hungry. They particularly appreciate that you put them in vases, so they don’t have to bend over!!

Blessed are they that mourn
For they shall be comforted.

Matthew 5:4

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