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Decorating Procedures - Decoration of Graves

Rules Governing Decoration of Graves

Our Memorial Park is built and managed with the future in mind, as well as the present. You chose our Park because you were assured that, ten years or ten generations from now, wherever you would be, in distant parts or sleeping within these sacred precincts, this Park and every burial estate in it will be kept neat and will remain forever beautiful. To accomplish this gratifying result, your co-operation is sought, and we wish you to understand the practices which will be observed by everyone.

A bronze memorial is used in the memorialization of graves and no stone memorials are permitted. The bronze vase which accompanies the memorial is standard in the Park, and will be used for all decoration. The vase cannot be upset by winds or large bouquets of flowers.

Cut flowers or artificial bouquets, rather than potted plants, are used in decorating graves, because the pots, of whatever design, soon become unsightly, kill the turf and become an increasingly costly nuisance. No unsightly cans, pots, or vases upon neighboring lots will be permitted to distract from the neat appearance of your own estate. No planting of any kind will be permitted in the Park. The Garden plantings are all planned by the Park landscape architect and follow the master plan.

Over Memorial Day, Flags & Lodge or Service emblems may be placed upon the graves. All such emblems must be removed by the family prior to the next scheduled mowing day and retained by them for use the following year. Any such decorations left in the Park will be removed by the Park staff. Veterans’ Flags will remain on the graves until after July 4th in accordance with law.

Between November 1 and April 15, wreaths may be placed at each grave. No breakable (glass) decorations are permitted.

Following an interment, funeral flowers will remain on the grave until wilted, then will be removed and the grave sodded or seeded.

If a thoughtless visitor should offend by permitting pets to run at large in the Park, or by fast driving or careless operation of a car on the Park drives, you will be justified in calling such offenses to the attention of our management.

You are informed of these practices, not in the sense of restriction, but in the confidence that we will receive your hearty cooperation in keeping WCMPark a cemetery “Where Beautiful Memories Remain Beautiful”.

Adopted September 10, 1954

Blessed are they that mourn
For they shall be comforted.

Matthew 5:4

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