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What You Should Know About Memorialization

Why do I need a permanent place of remembrance?

Love, Honor & Remember

Love, Honor & Remember When we lose someone dear to us, we try to find ways to keep them alive in our hearts. . That is why memorials are so important. When memorial services are complete and a loved one is at rest, a memorial becomes a lasting tribute to a life lived and an enduring symbol of love, cherished memories, and family heritage.

A Unique Tribute to a Unique Life

Memorials can be as individual as the people they honor. They can speak to the world about Love, Wisdom, or Great Things Accomplished.. They can celebrate hobbies and attest to faith. A memorial can be a fingerprint or a self-portrait. But whatever form it takes, a memorial that is crafted out of love and caring shall forever say “You will never be forgotten.”

A Unique Tribute to a Unique Life

Creating A Memorable Memorial

The staff of WCMPark will work together with you to create a bronze memorial that honors and respects the life to be remembered.. Whether you are planning your own memorial tribute or that of a loved one, it should reflect the uniqueness of a special life lived. A wide range of price and personalization options are available to meet your individual needs and budget. Please see our Memorial Options page for more information.

How To Design A Memorial

A memorial is a visible and lasting symbol of a life lived. It should capture the unique qualities and portray the personality of the person whose life it commemorates.

Step 1: Make notes about the person the memorial will honor.

Determine which things best represent the life o that person or persons. What comes to mind that represents their (your) personality and life. What things were (are) important to them (you): Talents … accomplishments …achievements … hobbies … favorite vacations.

Step 2: Consider Design Choices.

At your convenience, browse through our design books to select from a wide variety of background selections, sizes, and design elements, considering which would best represent their (your) personal taste and personality.

Step 3: Add personal information.

Consider how you want the name(s) to be shown on the memorial. Do you (did they) use a middle initial, a nickname, or some variation of their name? How do you want the birth and (eventually) death dates to be listed — just the year, or do you prefer month/day/year?

Step 4: Personalize the memorial.

Select artwork, emblems, or cameo photo tributes.. Consider adding a favorite verse or quotation, a pet name, or our new family heritage package, which details the parents’ and/or children’s names on the memorial.

Blessed are they that mourn
For they shall be comforted.

Matthew 5:4

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